What’s your name? Ancilla Diamante

How do you pronounce your first one? An-chi-la

“Piedrasplatas”? Ibong Adarna, one of the classics of Philippine lit, talk of a tree called Piedras Platas that is filled with “diamante” (diamonds) so it stuck.

Do you have a boyfriend? No.

Do you like anyone? I like Tom Hiddleston quite a lot.

What club are you in? The best club ever: Campus Ministry.

Do you plan on entering the convent? ‘Tis one of the things I am discerning on.

What do you write about? Thoughts. I like to blabber a lot but I realize that blogging them immortalizes them in a way. I also like to write about my faith — as an OMG (online missionary of God.) ✞

What does the fox say? hatee hatee hatee ho

Twitter: @piedrasplatas

What does ANCILLA mean? I used to say it was “The Handmaid of the Lord,” but I found out that without the Domini part — it’s just handmaid.


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