Assumpta Est Maria!

First off, Happy Assumption Feast Day to all of you!

It is in this day that we celebrate Mother Mary’s Assumption to Heaven and how her “Yes!” to God is acknowledged and admired.

Being an Assumptionista, I truly love this feast day. Aside from the obvious reason, it’s one of the best traditions of AC — why?

1. The iconic “Assumpta Est Maria” greeting never fails to come with a warm smile and a sincere hug. The warm and friendly atmosphere just makes you want to spread the love. Fact: Hugs with nuns are the best. Let me rephrase that: AC hugs are the best.

2. Assumption Tarts! Of course, an AC day is never complete without this delicacy! It’s a well-known story that an Assumption sister named Sr. Emmanuelle was trying to make a pie — and ended up making a heavenly tart! Complete with that irresistible jam, it’d really make you go “Hallelujah, Hallelu– Assumption Tart!”

3. The Festive Eucharistic Celebration is the best thing to look forward to because how else can the AC community celebrate unity and love for Mama M but through a Mass? With the ingredients of a quirky priest, those traditional songs (St. Marie Eugenie’s Song & the famous acapella version Assumpta Est brought to you by the seraphic voices of the student body), and the longest Peace-giving session you would ever witness filled with hugs and laughter, it will always be a party with the Lord.

4. Lastly, Adoration is and always will be the end to such a celebration. As the day started with the Lord, it should also end with Him. This is the sacred moment of thanksgiving and reflection with God as the AC community ponders on their own “Yes” to the mission given to them.

Truly, August 14/15 are two of the most memorable days in an Assumptionista’s lifetime. Now, I understand why old students/teachers would always find the time to sneak into the evening Vigil and get some of their friends to bring home Assumption tarts — AC, to them, was more than a school. It’s home.

Having spent my last AC day with Campus Ministry, friends and teachers, I sure will miss it. I may be leaving after my senior year, but two of the many things I’ll bring with me later on will be my constant “YES” to God and all the wonderful memories I’ve had in AC. So once again, Assumpta Est Maria!