Careless Mistakes

Forgetting to put a negative sign before the number, misspelling a word especially when it’s basic (i.e. “peple“), and accidentally following the wrong rule for significant figures are actually a few of the worst things that you can do. Making careless mistakes can actually drive people to mild insanity and unnecessary violence. For some reason, there will be that voice in the back of your mind trying to mimic Adele’s singing, “We could have had it all…………” (Or Anne Hathaway’s emotional cries of “But there are dreams that cannot be!!!!!“)

If anything, I could be crowned as the Queen of Careless Mistakes. I’ve overlooked negative signs, lost my sense of spelling, repeated “there” more than once, confused ‘your’ with ‘you’re’ and forgot to extend that sneaky radical sign over the whole term. Every test I answer proves this. It could be said that I’ve gotten used to it but I will never get used to that fiery rage in me every time I realize how close I was to a perfect score if it weren’t for that dumb, careless mistake.

“I should’ve…” “If only…” “Where did I even get -3 from……” “WHAT THE F IS WRONG WITH YOU”

I say these things quite a lot but I realized that I should actually assert less energy in ridiculing the Ancilla who answered the test the day before. I should put more effort into making sure that the Ancilla who answers the next test doesn’t make the same mistake. I forget that I could still be a better version. I forget that I could move on.

So the next time you make a careless mistake, don’t complain about it. What good would complaining do when it’s already there on paper? Instead, tell yourself, “Hey, you’re only human. Next time, you’ll know better.”

Never beat yourself up for these little mistakes because these are lessons you needed to learn. Learn them.


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