The Story of You

(I’ve been trying to write this as a poem but it came out as an essay.)

There are stories that deserve to leap off the page to be loved and be lived. The challenge is to live a story that deserves to be written down — because you have loved and lived.

Each and every one of us are stories, with small beginnings, climaxes that we alone can write, and endings that could either leave others hanging or leave people inspired by how you managed to overcome the plot twists and unfortunate events in your life. People judge books by their covers and it’s terrible that they never got to the good parts of you. It’s okay. Shrug it off. They have no idea what they’re missing.  

When someone decides to read you, what will you show them? The day you found your calling to be a dentist? The moment you had your first kiss? The dreams of the little child in you? The heartbreaks you had to go through? It’s really up to you. Show them who you are. Show them the story of you. 

If people stop reading you midway, your pages will be left open, and your story hanging. It’s difficult to have to tell your story to someone new. Starting over sucks. Being back on the shelf hurts.  Something dies in you and you start to believe that the story of you is a worthless read.

No. You were written to be read. Never forget this. You have something great to offer this world. The words you speak, the characters you meet, the obstacles you overcome are yours and yours alone. No one can tell the story of you even if they read you from front to cover. You may not be a best-seller but someone wrote you in hopes of making a small difference to someone out there.

And you will. Someone out there is waiting for the story of you because you are exactly the story that they would want to be a part of. The story that they would never want to put down. The story that deserves to be written down because you have loved and you have lived.


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