The Best Medicine

“Laughter is the best medicine.” 

As it is one of the weirdest things I have ever heard (I mean, please, did it ever cure fever?), I have to admit that there’s a truth to this. Laughter makes any day better. Try it – when you’re down and out, find something humorous. Share it with someone. Laugh with them. And later on, laugh at them when they try to crack the joke to others with the wrong punchline. That frown’s not gonna stay down forever!

Personally, I’ve learned to find humor in everything I see be it a lesson in Chemistry or a Biblical story. This is the reason why one might find me snickering on my own in the corner like some sort of weirdo. Still though, such attitude has its perks. Recovery is much faster (all I need is a musical marathon, a dozen doughnuts and a crate of Coca-Cola to get over heartbreak) and for some reason, you get friendlier. There was I time when I was completely anti-social — I still kind of am, but it’s getting better. 

I’m known to be a really “corny” person and this is actually true. I make jokes about school lessons but it’s not 100% humor. It’s actually how I study. Finding puns (aka word association) in topics help me remember them more. Plus, it actually helps me laugh the complication off. When I decide that I loathe a subject, I shrug it off and change my perception of it. I tell myself, “No, I will love this thing and it will love me back.” So, I end up showing my affection towards it and make even more jokes about the certain subject. 

Laughter is contagious. Laughter is healthy. It’s not some sort of escape from reality — that is if you, for some insane reason, cackle like an old, thin woman who wants to make a coat of dalmatians. Laugh. Find something to giggle about. Find something to be happy about. It is the best medicine after all. 



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