The Promposal


“Will you go to prom with me?”

With  prom season coming up, most junior students are now wrecking their brains on perfect ways to ask their ‘promspects’ to be their date on this special occasion. The promposal, being one of the most crucial elements to prom, is done in many creative and witty ways to make it even more special. It’s been done through flashmobs, sneaky ‘project’ videos with a “Prom?” clip at the end, posters, M&M’s on pizza spelling PROM, and the occasional waiting at the person’s school gate during their dismissal with flowers, chocolates, and the big question.

It takes a huge amount of courage, creativity and preparation to pop the prom question to someone special. With an event as big and exciting as this, one has to pick the right Prince Charming or Princess for it and ask them in a way they would never forget. Here are some points to consider before the big promposal.

1. The Lucky One

Chabeli Fernandez, a former senior High School student of AC, recalls how she picked her prom date, “I chose a close friend of mine as a prom date. I know most girls go for the “photo-worthy” ones, but I wanted to be sure I’d enjoy prom. My close friend and I could converse easily, shared mutual friends, and really did enjoy each other’s company. It also didn’t hurt that he was a gentleman.” In looking for promspects, the ideal prom date shouldn’t be someone who’s photogenic or famous. It should be someone worth enjoying a special night like this with. Going with someone one would feel comfortable with is the best way to go. No one would want to spend his/her prom night being self-conscious with an awkward date. Set-ups happen quite often but its outcomes are different for everyone. The main thing is, for a night as special as this, one should make sure that they go with someone who’d make it even more special.

2. Timing

One of the most important aspects about promposals is when you actually do it.  Another former senior student says that the perfect time to do it is “a month and a half before prom because certain unexpected things may happen and people tend to change their minds and eventually regret asking early.” It pays to ask early, to prevent the possible scenarios of the person being asked to another prom, however asking way too early may cause problems such as conflict of schedules, unexpected events, and second thoughts. The most ideal time to ask around two months before the actual prom – the time allotted in between the promposal and the actual prom is enough for dress-fitting, other needed preparations, and getting to know one’s prom date. It also helps to ask at a really unexpected time, it adds the element of surprise for one’s promspect. Don’t ask too early but don’t ask too late.

3. Prep Time

Things like these can’t just be done out of the blue. It takes a lot of time to discern over whom to take, how to ask them out to prom, and to actually get the guts to do it. Promposals are nerve wrecking due to the possibility of rejection and being too late. 2-3 weeks of preparation for the promposal is sufficient for asking one’s peers and even family members for advice about the whole thing. It helps a lot to ask friends for ideas, suggestions, and even for their participation in your plan. However, for some of those who end up asking out of the blue, it’s not all that awkward – like for a particular senior student, who up to now, feels giddy remembering the whole ordeal, popped the question at such an unexpected way that her prom date was in a daze the whole time. It always pays to take a few days to gather the courage and (if needed), the materials needed before popping the question.

4. Mission Impossible

The most important thing about promposals is how it’s done. There will always be quirky, sweet, extravagant, and of course, the awkward stories of promposals going around the junior hallways around prom season. Some students have the advantage of being set up through peers and family connections, but for those without these, it’s a combination of determination and a pinch of creativity to make it a memorable experience. In order to make it even more special, it pays to do it in a way that is unforeseen, totally extraordinary, and brave.

During the AC BED school fair, there were around 15 promposals that included promposals between performances and huge cartolinas with “PROM?” written all over it. It was an amusing sight to see, a bunch of teenagers pooling up their guts to ask their friends out on such a day.

Personally, I found both my promposal(s)  to be amusing. My first one was a tutorial video for the pythagorean theorem (which is really elementary) and I inserted the prom question at the end when I knew he was getting bored with all the details. It was successful — in a way that he was shocked and all. I had to come up with a second one because the first one couldn’t go. So, with all the creativity in me, I retrieved an old powerpoint for a school project and added a bunch of blank slides after the end. (Note: I find the font Comic Sans to be effective in terms of persuasion.)

Here are three of the many slides I added:




Thanks to my resourceful use of a pretty convincing font and beautiful pictures, the guy said yes. However, it doesn’t stop there. This same guy asked me to his prom through a weird way as well.

As a pre-prom, we went to the cinemas to watch Les Miserables with other friends. Prior to this, however, he asked me the weirdest question anyone has asked me: “How big is the popcorn there?” It was revealed later on that he asked me this because he was going to use it as a promposal strategy — but realized later on that I would be too emotional to understand what’s going on. We went to Bacolod Chicken Inasal afterwards and when we asked for the receipt, the strangest thing happened:

I instantly got the receipt and left some sort of survey on the bowl. The whole table froze and someone exclaimed “What’s that?” I looked back at the bowl and saw that it wasn’t a survey. It was a Coca-Cola themed paper of some sort. I opened it and saw PROM? in the Coke font. Being the slow person that I am, I still didn’t get it. Until I saw the words: From: ______.

Wow, that left me speechless. And immensely happy.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of how I went to two proms with the best prom date ever. 🙂

5. “What now?”

One of the many things junior students fear is what actually happens after the promposal. Mr. Nik Corleto, a third year Sports teacher, says that there’s no reason for the gap between the promposal and the actual prom night to be awkward since there are lots of things (i.e. what the pair would wear) to discuss. The gap between these two important dates should be spent on getting to know one’s prom date, coordinating their attires (if applicable), etc. The only instances where the post-promposal would be an awkward exchange of small talk between the couple would be if it’s set-up or there’s no effort to reach out to each other.

Being more than juicy stories to share, promposals actually serve as icebreakers for junior students to the opposite sexes and as confidence boosters to those who are normally shy and outspoken. In its entirety, the season of promposals is one to look forward to because of the excitement and new relationships it brings about.


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