Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

My first name is Ancilla (pronounced as an-chi-la). My mother named me after reading the Latin Magnificat, which is Mary’s prayer when the archangel Gabriel came to her.

Ancilla Domini means Handmaid of the Lord.

Thing is, I only found out now that to mean that, it needs to have the Domini part so for now, my first name means handmaid. Yaya. Maid. Servant.

To be honest, it annoyed me a bit to have to live up to a name that serves other people. However, after a while, I found it fitting because I love service. It’s what makes me happy.

Another funny thing about is: no one liked my mom’s idea. My grandmother thought it sounded too much like Godzilla. My father wanted another name.

I’m glad my mom stayed stubborn because if ever I was given a chance to rename myself, I wouldn’t take it.

Daily Prompt: Say Your Name.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

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